Here's a handfull of the numerous projects that we implemented or had a significant role in.

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Test-tower drainage

A measurement and control system based on several CompactDAQ systems for conducting research on drainage systems for large buildings.

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HCCP PCB Test framework

A functional test setup based on several identical test stations running a TestStand deployment, that each can test all different types of customer products. Test Stations can work independently and test-data is stored centrally in a database.

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BOB - Body Opponent Bag

BOB is an application developed for use in a study with the aim to understand the risks of impulsive aggression.
In the applicationwe use an NI DAQ device to acquire 8 force feedback sensors.

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EEG/ECG Data Acquisition

PSY-DAQ is an application developed for Maastricht University with the primary purpose to perform EEG (Electroencephalography, measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain) measurements on rats.

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CIMS Test Setup

An automatic test-setup for parallel calibration en testing of up to 8 position sensors for hydraulic cylinders.
A very versatile setup based on an NI LabVIEW application with an FPGA card combined with R-Series chassis and C-Series modules for the data-acquisition.

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Object Recognition Test

The object recognition test (ORT) is a vision application developed with National Instruments LabVIEW and the Vision Development Module.
It's a behavioral test that is widely used to examine animal memory performance by tracking the animal and log it's behaviour.

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