NI Hardware sale

Used NI Hardware for sale

As a NI partner we use a lot of NI harware in our projects. From some older projects we have some of this hardware still on the shelf. Now, with the shortages of chips and long lead-times for new hardware we decided to put some parts on sale in order to hopefully help businesses to build their systems faster.

All items listed below are in stock at our Netherlands office. If you're interested in one or more items just drop us an e-mail at and we'll send you a quote ASAP. Please note that these products are all fully functional, but not new and come without any warranty.


NI PXI-4071 (sold)

7½-Digit, ±1,000 V, Onboard 1.8 MS/s Isolated Digitizer, PXI Digital Multimeter

The PXI‑4071 is a high-performance 7½‑digit, 1,000 V DMM that provides the measurement capabilities found in two common test instruments: a high-resolution DMM and a digitizer. As a DMM, the PXI‑4071 delivers fast, accurate AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 2‑ or 4‑wire resistance, and frequency/period measurements, as well as diode tests. In the high-voltage, isolated digitizer mode, the PXI‑4071 can acquire waveforms at sample rates up to 1.8 MS/s.

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NI PXI-6251

16 AI (16-Bit, 1.25 MS/s), 2 AO, 24 DIO, PXI Multifunction I/O Module

The PXI-6251 offers analog I/O, correlated digital I/O, two 32-bit counters/timers, and analog and digital triggering. The device delivers low-cost, reliable DAQ capabilities in a wide range of applications from simple applications in laboratory automation, research, design verification/test, and manufacturing test. You can add sensor and high-voltage measurement capability to your device with SCC or SCXI signal conditioning modules. The included NI-DAQmx driver and configuration utility simplify configuration and measurements.

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NI PXI-2530

128-Crosspoint PXI Matrix Switch Module

The PXI-2530 switch module offers seven multiplexer/matrix configurations. The multiplexer configurations are 128x1 (1-wire), 64x1 (2-wire), 32x1 (4-wire), and eight banks of 16x1 (1-wire). The matrix configurations are 4x32 (1-wire), 8x16 (1-wire), and 4x16 (2-wire). You must select the appropriate terminal block to use with a specific configuration. The TB-2630 configures the switch as a multiplexer, and the TB-2631 and TB-2632 configure the switch as matrices.

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NI PXI-1042

8-Slot, Universal AC PXI Chassis

The PXI‑1042 PXI chassis (8‑slot) meets the demanding cooling and power requirements of today's PXI applications. This chassis is ideal for engineers and scientists who need a PXI chassis with reduced acoustic noise emissions for office, laboratory, and educational environments.

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NI PXI-8331 / PCI-8331

MXI-4 PXI/PCI Combo with MXI-4 cable

You can use this combo to extend the PCI-bus of your PC to the PXI-chassis and control all modules as if they were in your PC.

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NI USB-8451

I²C/SPI Interface Device (New in box but out of warranty)

250 kHz I2C, 12 MHz SPI I2C/SPI Interface Device

The NI USB‑8451 is a master interface for connecting to and communicating with inter-integrated circuit (I2C), System Management Bus (SMBus), and serial peripheral interface (SPI) devices. With plug‑and‑play USB connectivity, the USB‑8451 is a portable solution to communicate with consumer electronics and integrated circuits. It also includes eight general-purpose digital I/O lines for a variety of applications, such as configuring the address of I2C devices or toggling LEDs. The USB‑8451 can be physically located more closely to I2C/SPI devices than PCI interfaces, reducing I2C bus length and minimizing noise problems. Additionally, the interface provides +5 V and GND to power circuits with no external power supply.

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NI CRIO-9075

CompactRIO 9075 4-slot chassis

400 MHz CPU, 256 MB of Internal Storage, 128 MB DRAM, and an FPGA (Spartan-6 LX 25 by Xilinx)

Software compatibility

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NI 9435

C-Series Digital input module

±5 VDC to ±250 VDC/10 VAC to 250 VAC, 4-Channel (Sinking/Sourcing Input), 3 ms C Series Digital Module

The NI‑9435 works with industrial logic levels and signals to connect directly to a wide array of industrial switches, transducers, and devices. Each channel accepts signals from ±5 VDC to ±250 VDC and 10 VAC to 250 VAC; features transient overvoltage protection between the input channels and earth ground; and has an LED that indicates the status. The NI‑9435 is a correlated digital module, so it can perform correlated operations, triggering, and synchronization when installed in a CompactDAQ chassis. 


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NI 9481

C-Series Relay output module

4-Channel, SPST Relay, 60 VDC(1 A)/ 250 Vrms (2 A) C Series Relay Output Module

The NI‑9481 directly connects to a wide array of industrial devices such as motors, actuators, and DC devices. Each channel provides access to an electromechanical relay for switching signals up to 60 VDC (1 A) or 250 Vrms (2 A), features channel-to-channel isolation, and has a LED that indicates the status. The shock and vibration rating for the NI‑9481 is limited compared with other CompactDAQ and CompactRIO modules because of the mechanical relays on the module.


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