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Have a look at our new look!

Friday 12 June 2020

You probably know VI Technologies as that small bunch of LabVIEW enthusiasts in the southern part of the Netherlands, or maybe even remember it as the one-man shop it was when founded by Jeffrey in 2007.
But the fact is that we've been steadily growing to a somewhat larger bunch of still as enthusiastic but diverse engineers, specialized in engineering systems and software with LabVIEW, TestStand and various types of (NI) hardware. And we do that across many different industry domains.
We often found it hard to explain ourselves, especially talking to people not in engineering or programming with LabVIEW. We felt the need for a new, more modern look and a message that reflected our capabilities and values.

So, that's what we've been working on for some time now and we are proud to finally reveal our new logo and message to the world! 

From Weert (or, as we like to call it, the technology center of Europe) we provide our services to customers all around us, looking for solutions that take away borders; that open up possibilities. Enabling our clients to ensure effective production, product validation, product quality, and product safety. Increasing traceability options for smart problem solving, reducing subjective measurement or production costs.

Whatever the purpose of what we deliver, creating meaningful software that makes machines measure, test, observe, recognize, sort, qualify, analyze and monitor can only be done by being close to our customers, working together with the right partners. We do not keep questions to ourselves. We consciously think out loud together with our colleagues and clients. Technology is not developed by technology, but by creative and dedicated people that love their jobs. That get excited by solving problems together as a team. And that come up with new applications for new challenges.

We make ideas work, together.

PS. Our new identity will soon also be reflected on our new web-site that's currently under construction. In the meantime this 'old' site is still online and up-to-date

PPS. Even though 'hints of LabVIEW' in our logo and message are less prominent as before, LabVIEW is still our passion. VI Technologies will always be your number one go-to partner for all your LabVIEW and TestStand related projects!


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