NIDays 2016 Benelux Presentation: Building a plug-in framework using classes and Packed Project Libraries. And use it on CompactRIO!
NIDays 2016 - Building a plug-in framework using classes and Packed Project Libraries.pdf

NIDays 2015 Benelux Presentation: Take your LabVIEW development efficiency to the next level, the VITech way!
LV Dev Efficiency NIDays 2015 - slides.pdf

Advanced LabVIEW User Group Meeting - Copenhagen 2014 Presentation: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About  Network Streams
Network Streams - ALUGM 2014 - Copenhagen.pdf

NIWeek 2012 and NIDays 2012 Netherlands and Belgium Presentation: Coordinating Distributed Energy Resources to Create a Supplemental Reserve Power Grid - Distributed switching of supplemetal reserve power pools based on CompactRIO and Web Service technology
Noodvermogen NIDays 2012 Pres.pdf

NIDays 2011 Netherlands and Belgium Presentation:Testing high-power hydraulic pumps with NI LabVIEW and the StateChart module
Testing high-power hydraulic pumps with NI LabVIEW and the StateChart module.pdf

JKI RCF Class Tool plug-in
Download from NI JKI RCF Community site:

NIDays 2010 Netherlands and Belgium Presentation:Tips & tricks to enhance your LabVIEW development experience

Dutch LabVIEW User Group Meeting presentation (24 november 2009): The Ins and Outs of XControls

NIDays 2009 presentation: The Exploding While Loop Part III - Object-Oriented Software Architecture and Design Patterns
NIDays2009 OOD_Design patterns.pdf

NIWeek 2008 (Austin, TX) presentation: Automated scoring of novel object recognition in rats
ORT_Presentation NI-Week 2008.pdf

LabVIEW Day 2008 in Brussels presentation: LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming, Concepts, Use Cases and Best Practices

NIDays 2007 presentatie: GOOP vs. LVOOP, Object geörienteerd programmeren in LabVIEW 8.2
NIDays2007 - GOOPvsLVOOP.pdf  (English verion: NIDays2007 - GOOPvsLVOOP_EN.pdf)