Test-tower drainage

Project information

Akatherm has built a tower next to their production facility. The tower is a 7 story building which will be used to test and demo their water draining products. In the tower, multiple water circuits are connected to 3 pumps, located in the basement with a 15m3 water basin. To direct the waterflow through the correct systems, valves are placed in the complete building in every water circuit. Pressure and flow sensors are added to the water circuits to measure the effects of increasing or decreasing waterflow.

System Architecture

VI Technologies developed a LabVIEW application to control the water flow (pumps, valves, …) and visualize and log the system status. The application has a modular design which simplifies the implementation of additional views on the system and add additional control elements.

This application runs on a central PC located on the ground floor.

The user can remotely access this PC with a Windows Surface laptop which is connected to a WiFi network in the tower. This enables the user to see the effects in their products while performing experiments and demos, independend of which floor they are on.

Modular hardware was used to control the valves, pumps and read the sensors. Several National Instruments ethernet CompactDAQ systems are located in the test tower with the needed C-Series I/O-modules to control the pumps and valves and read the sensors.