EEG/ECG Data Acquisition

PSY-DAQ is an application developed for Maastricht University with the primary purpose to perform EEG (Electroencephalography, measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain) measurements on rats. The program developed however is basically just an advanced 16 channel data acquisition application which can be used for multi purposes. It will mostly be used for measuring EEG, ECG (electrocardiograph, measurement of the electrical activity of the heart) and skin resistance.

The application uses National Instruments M-Series DAQ devices (USB-6229 or compatible) with correlated analog and digital I/O. The reason for this is that apart from measuring the analog input channels also stimuli and response signals need to be probed. For this the application can handle two 8-bit event codes which are read in on the digital lines of the DAQ device. This data is displayed in the graph correlated in time with the analog data.

For testing and demo purposes the application also has a built-in simulator. The LabVIEW application is programmed using object oriented development techniques, making sure the application is easily extensible to support future needs for other data-acquisition devices. See the image for a representation of the application architecture (classdiagram).

Acquired data will be displayed in real-time and can optionally be recorded in real-time to EDF+ (European Data Format) format. This data file, specifically designed for exchange and storage of medical time series, will be read and analysed by researchers using other third-party software.