BOB - Body Opponent Bag

BOB is an application developed for Maastricht University.

The application is used during research to understand the risk for impulsive aggression.

To do this research, the university has chosen a punching bag in the shape of a person called BOB. During the experiment, the force of 2 boxing gloves is measured. When a punch is detected, the force is integrated to get the impulse of that moment. During the experiment a number of feedback sounds are played to trigger the person under test.

The application uses a National Instruments USB-6008 device. BOB uses the 8 analog in channels for force measurements. 4 channels are used for the left boxing glove and 4 for the right glove. Each channel has a force sensor on the glove so each glove has 4 force sensors. During the experiment the 8 channels are sampled at 1kHz and the channels are combined to have 1 force measurement for each glove. When this force reaches a certain threshold a punch is detected and the integration starts to calculate the impulse. During the experiment the calculated forces are streamed to disk and a window of 1 minute is shown on screen with impulse annotations and experiment progress.

For testing and demo purposes the application also has a built-in simulator. The LabVIEW application is programmed using object oriented development techniques, making sure the application is easily extensible to support future needs.