Fully integrated UML Class Editing and code synchronization for LV NXG!

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Programming in LabVIEW is very intuitive because it is based on a visual programming language. Your code is easy to understand (if well written of course) and self-explanatory... on the VI level that is... But what about the high level architectural overview, dependencies and interactions? You need to visualize those too, don't you? For that you need to learn and use some other tool, almost completely independent of your LabVIEW development environment and code.

We do not want to leave our favorite graphical development environment

What's worse, if you make architectural or API changes in your code, you'd normaly would have to update your design to reflect the code change... We all know how well this goes in practice, don't we?

And as LabVIEW programmers we love all aspects of visual programming, yet when using classes we have to go through a lot of file handling and configuring for creating and maintaining our classes.

We want to be productive and write code that matters instead of all the boiler-plate stuff

Leaving our favorite environment and use other visual design tools when we want to do proper software design up-front of and during development, feels awkward, to say the least. Especially considering that your design maps perfectly on those .gtype and .gvi files in your LabVIEW NXG project.

Create all aspects of your classes in the most logical place: the class diagram, and just fill in the blanks on your method's block diagrams

Apart from not having to leave your development environment anymore and gaining productivity in design and code creation the added bonus is that your design is always in sync with your code. No more outdated design documents!

Add to that the productivity gain of working with classes and methods from the class diagram instead of through the project explorer and you'll know that his is a must-have add-on for object oriented development in LabVIEW NXG.

So, don't wait and subscribe to be among the first to hop on board when we go in beta with the UML Class Add-on and help us shape it to satisfy al your needs!