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First blog post - new site

Sunday 29 September 2013What should one write in a first blog posting? Not much I guess. :-) But a brief introduction seems the right thing to do first.

Welcome to our brand new website, it is what we nowadays call a 'responsive design' which means it can be read and operated properly on a variety of devices. Also, there is no use of Flash anymore to be completely compatible with Apple.

And then there is the new blog feature. Which allows us to regularly dive deeper into specific LabVIEW topics. Because it is good tradition to name your blog we felt we had to do so too. And we named it: VI Threads. Just because it sounds catchy and fits nicely into the company logo. :-)

NI Days in the Netherlands and Belgium we'll be presenting on a project where we have used Network Streams in a distributed LabVIEW application. The next blog post will go deeper into the use of this communication layer in LabVIEW.

As you may see you can also respond to the posts. Do not hesitate to do just that if you have questions or have an interesting topic that you would like to read about in a future post. We are always open to feedback!


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Jeffrey Habets - Monday 21 October 2013

Thanks Wouter! Btw: The RSS/Atom feed is in place now. See the links in the title of the blog/news sections.

Wouter - Thursday 10 October 2013

Congratulations on the new website to you all! It looks really smooth and well polished! I will be subscribing to the RSS feed as well :-)

Jeffrey Habets - Tuesday 01 October 2013

Olivier, thanks for the kind words. It's being worked on. I hope we'll have a RSS feed soon!

Olivier JOURDAN - Tuesday 01 October 2013

Congratulation for your new website. I look forward to read future blog post. Anyway, is there a rss feed ? I won't miss a post !